Thursday, January 28, 2016

Le Compte de Grove Park

Scene: Last night as I was preparing dinner.
Jordan: At PAWKids today, me and Mr. Iverson wrote a new song!

Me: Who wrote a new song?

Jordan: Me and Mr. Iverson.

Me: Who?

Jordan: (pausing) Mr. Iverson and I wrote a new song.

Me: That's awesome!

Jordan: Which one? That we wrote a new song or that I had good grammar?

Me: Both honey. Both.

When I was growing up, my parents would pretend not to hear me if I spoke using incorrect grammar. I carry on the family tradition. My father is an attorney, but was a journalist — both print and television — before going to law school. My mother was a high school English teacher before she quit to stay home with the kiddos. My parents write and speak well, and they expected the same of their children.

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Confessional: I'd Make a Sucky Foster Mom

You've probably heard the statistics. That if just one family in every third church in Georgia would foster one child, there would be enough families for every child in "the system."

(Or something ridiculous like that. I don't know the exact number. But the point being that it wouldn't take a lot of people stepping up to ensure that every foster child had a family to call their own.)

It seems like the churches I attend and the families I know are doing more than their share. Caring for the orphans and the parent-less is something that my friends are doing in droves.

Adopting or fostering or adopting their fosters.

So adoption and fostering is not a foreign concept to me. In my world it is almost freakishly common.

But I just know ... somewhere ... deep in my bones ... that I'm not woman enough.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Son the Soldier

My 18-year-old is right now at Fort Gillem in Forest Park, Georgia, enlisting in the Army.

Mama is sitting at the kitchen table, drinking hot lemon water, and trying to picture her little boy in fatigues. I saw this, and it made me smile.

He's chosen to be an Abrams tank crew member. I suggested that perhaps a cook would be awesome. He loves food, right? And it's so saaaaaafe!

He nixed that idea.
Nooooooo im (sic) not joining the military to become a chef